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                COMMAND SPANISH, INC.  

               These classes may be set up in your location

                                 Schedules may vary


        * LET’S LUNCH IN SPANISH (bring a bag lunch and take your

                 Spanish class with peers at work or at a close location 2x a week)

                           “No more evening classes after a hard day at work”

                                Workplace Spanish or Community Spanish


          *ESL (English as a Second Language)




        Command Spanish, Inc. is the country’s leading provider of customized Spanish language and cross-cultural programs and products for non-Spanish speakers.

        The company’s objective is to provide learner-friendly language materials and workshops that require no prior knowledge of Spanish and no grammar instruction.


The Command Spanish instructional system incorporates the following key elements:

        * Work specific language

        * Materials designed for adult learners

        * Learner friendly text

        * Audio maintenance CD’s

        * No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary

        * Materials field tested by experts

        * Non-grammar based materials

        * Short periods of study