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bilingual inc 

Mercedes P. Hardy, director

bilingual institute of communication, LC 

 email info@bilingualinc.net

          telephone 540 353 6379

Interpretive Services

                                                   Spanish - English

                                                            English - Spanish


   “convey your message accurately and effectively”


         Bilingual, Inc. is committed to delivering professional and affordable interpreting services to individuals, companies and the community.




                              $ 40.00  - hour   (1 hr. minimum)

                                                             15 min. increments - $10.00

                                                            *rates may vary based on

                                                                            proximity and parking fees



                                                For a free quote call:   Mercedes Hardy





             *Mercedes Hardy is a certified translator.  She has served

                    in this capacity for her community for over 30 years.