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Mercedes P. Hardy, director

bilingual institute of communication, LC 

 email infobilingualinc@cox.net

          telephone 540 353 6379

The purpose of bilingual inc is to enrich the lives of children and adults by bringing the world a little closer together.
Communcation is the key!
This is effectively done through quality language exposure and instruction. It is also accomplished by bridging communication between people who speak different languages serving as interpreter.

We offer:


MUSICA–  introducing the Valley’s only Music &  Movement class for the very young, Exposing them to Spanish
Workplace Spanish -  Spanish language and cross cultural Programs for Professionals using the Command Spanish programs. These Programs were created for the specific Fields, require no prior knowledge of Spanish, and eliminate tedious grammar
Let’s Lunch in Spanish Using Command Spanish programs  
For adults who prefer day classes
English/Spanish    Spanish/English
Serving our community (individuals,
Schools, businesses & medical)
  ESL - English as a Second Language
Businesses, adults
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     Mercedes Hardy
    Mercedes Hardy

Certified Teacher  
(30 yrs. experience)  
Pre-K – Adults
ESL/Bilingual Ed. {Piano Teacher)

Certified Instructor